About Us

Heartly welcome to Sagarmatha English Boarding Secondary School.

Sagarmatha Sec.School established in 2051 B.S It is one of the A Grade SchoolIn the estern part of Rupandehi District and one of the prominent School across the nation.

The  School has been located at the heart of Devdaha ,the maternal village of Lord Buddha .Being free from crowd of random urbanization it has been providing practical and moral Education in peaceful and natural environment .It teaches the learners self confidence ,patience and art to live .The dynamic and dedicated team of teachers of this Institute believes that the students are more potential and capable of doing many more things in their life and it tries to excavate the potentiality so the learning process becomes easier .

   The area of School spread over 8 kattahs of land in Shitalnagar Devdaha municipality 8 Rupandehi district. It is one of the peaceful area near by Mahendra Highway.and many extra curricular activities.

    We don’t believe in words rather show with works .Finally ,we would like to invite you here for academic course


To become a premier Residential School that facilitates conductive learning environment for students who are determined to meet the challenges raised by the increasing pace of scientific, economic and social advancements of the 21st century.


*To devlop the enquiring mind that has the potential to achieve the highest possible.

*  To develop life skills that enable individuals to proactivity face the challenges pased by increasing scientific, economic and social advancements of the 21st century.

* To foster self belief self discipline and personal responsibility.


*Spacious well furnished and designed classrooms with modern smart boards.

* Each class well lighting open windows for fresh air.

Audio Visual Facilities

The number of students in each class is fixed for 25-30 to inable teachers to give personal care and have close interaction with each student.

Faculty and Teaching Methodology

*Sagarmatha will have competent and committed staff that constantly strive to make learning a pleasurable experience and help students to harness their potential to strive for excellence in all they do.

*  Regular training , seminars and workshop will be conducted for the staff to make them updated in the field of education and teaching.

*  All classrooms will have smart board and audio Visual Facilities so that students have access to the state of art learning technology.

*  Brain shyncronization  and activation training is launched in school by this students will leave to use junk food and their personal behavior will be changed.



Hostel Facilities

*Spacious well designed dormitories with attached bathrooms under the supervision of dedicated hostel wardens.

*  Well balanced and nutritious food and snacks.

*   Well stocked computerized library with adequate books which caters to the academic needs of the students and staffs.

* Internet facilities for all students to browse the world and learn.


* Bus tracking system in school buses to help parents fing the moment of the buses.


*Well furnished separate Montessori block with adequate playing materials ,lab, and baby swimming pool.

Co- curricular Activities

*Football , Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Art and other various indoor games.

*  Music, Dance, Drama, Painting, Woodcraft, Pottery e.t.c.

*Public speaking Essay writing, poem writing and communication skills.

* Students with learning disabilities are identified by the teachers and referred to the counsellors after discussing the matter with the parents.