About Us

Potten End C of E Primary School stands in the centre of Potten End, an attractive village situated in the South West of Hertfordshire, between the towns of Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

The original Potten End School was built in 1856 and was, until 1950, a church controlled school. It then became a Voluntary Aided School but reverted back to a Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) School in 1955, the status that it retains today.

From its beginnings children remained at the school until leaving at the age of 14. In 1949 children aged 11 began to transfer to secondary school in Berkhamsted. In 1970 the three-tier system of education came into operation in the Berkhamsted area. Potten End School became a first school and children transferred to middle school at 9 years of age. From September 2014, Potten End School become a primary school once more with children from 4 to 11 years.