Message Form School Head


Our Academy is one of the pioneer private English medium schools in the western region of Nepal. The promoters of this school have long experience in teaching and administration at various levels of educational institutions.

We have very clear-cut concept that every child has certain innate potentialities, which are to be identified and nurtured at school by providing congenial environment, proper guidance and effective teaching. School focuses on their physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional and character development. Considering these facts, school has adopted the motto, "Education for all-round development". We are committed to it.

The physical facilities and amenities are the requisites of an ideal school. So, the school has magnificent infrastructure and congenial environment.

We believe that quality education can be ensured only with active participation of students, teachers, parents and management. As a chairman of the school, I would like to thank all the parents, teachers, students and well wishers for their support in the development of this institution. I expect the same in the days to come.

With best wishes